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All the staff was very friendly and make sure to answer all of your questions even if that requires getting somebody else. They empathize with all sorts of different phobias and go above and beyond making sure everybody feels comfortable without judgment. I have been going here for 4 years and they have kept the same high quality of care throughout.


I went to the dentist a few days ago because of gum irritation/ tooth pain. Impressed with comprehensive dental exam provided by Dr. Mazon. I would definitely go back to her in the future and recommend her dental services to other people. Also, her office staff and dental assistance were great!

Kyle D.

My wife referred me to her long time dentist practice. I recently went, and as much as I don't like going to the dentist, the staff made my appointment very pleasant. They were helpful, caring and provided a detailed cleaning and plan for follow up. I also got to meet Dr. Williams in person and he was very nice and knowledgeable. I will be going back...

Joel D.

I have got to be the worst patient because I am so nervous in the dentist's chair, despite being grown with two grown children who are both completely fine with any dental care themselves, but Dr. Williams and his crew are always so great to me and never make me feel like a total sissy for being that nervous at all. I have never had a bad experience with him or any of his staff, which I am so thankful for since the reason I became so nervous in the first place had to do with previous experience elsewhere. They take the time to go slow and explain everything, they work out payment for the more expensive stuff if you have a budget to stick to and the dental work is absolutely excellent as well.

Tamara B.

Sherry is such a great Hygienist! This is the best Dental Clinic I've been to! They're like family. So glad I was referred by a family member of one of the gals that work there.

Karen D

Dr. Williams is the best. I have been to him for like 10 years and every time I see him he is genuinely happy to be there and treats his patients with kindness and care. Faith and the other staff are so helpful and really good at what they do. The office is beautiful and family friendly and with the latest technology, yet still very reasonable in cost of services. Thank you for taking care of me and my family.

Maria T.

Dr. Williams and the whole team are AMAZING! I have been going here for over a decade and the level of care, timeliness, and friendliness are always top notch.

Lisa J.

The kids and I have been seeing Dr. Williams since the kids were old enough to have their first visit to the dentist. I couldn't recommend him and his staff enough. He is very friendly and honest. I'm 41 and he has been the best dentist I've ever had. I will always trust his service and advise for my and my families dental care.

Brandon C.

I was impressed with the efficiency and quality of the facility, the up to date equipment, the friendly and knowledgeable staff, and particularly Dr Mazon who worked diligently to take care of me. I highly recommend Forest Family Dental.

Pat H.

Dr. Williams and his staff are amazing! Completely painless, fast, and great customer service. I was scheduled for x-rays and a cleaning. They found two cavities and performed the fillings right then so I wouldn’t have to return another day.

Zack A.

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